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20 years in the same boat, I have a journey with the avant-garde-----Wang Pei-Xiang


20 years in the same boat, I have a journey with the avant-garde-----Wang Pei-Xiang

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May 4th is the 20th anniversary of the avant-garde plastics factory. The company has a new look, the flags are fluttering, and a pair of majestic lions stand at the gate. The red rainbow door is full of good fortune and celebration. The avant-garde is a loud and fashionable. The name, this year ushered in her 20th birthday. The 20-year-old Chunhua Qiu is engraved with the lofty aspirations of forging ahead, pioneering and innovating. For the avant-garde who is striving for progress and united and enterprising, the cold and winter in the past 20 years has condensed the little bit of her blending with the company. Today, 20 years ago, the founder of the company led several key elites. Dongcun West borrowed 108,000 yuan to set up avant-garde company. In the absence of backstage, black eyes, no technology, no sales, and serious shortage of funds, In the simple factory building, we shared the hardships and hardships, and started the hard road of entrepreneurship by relying on tenacious efforts. In order to fight against us, the enemies of the same industry used all their interpersonal relationships, dispatched "aircraft cannons", and carried out a round-the-counter chasing and interception. It was our family member Xu Zong, who was not afraid of danger, and looked forward to the situation, with pressure from all sides. Dealing with the martyrdom of various law enforcement departments, letting one after another dangerous dangers, perhaps our sincerity touched God, facing all kinds of difficulties, our avant-garde people are unyielding, and the same boat, under the guidance of the correct leadership of the chairman and scientific development, It has realized the leaping and taking-off again and again. It has laid a foundation for building a century-old enterprise and creating a century-old brand. It has become a world famous brand. In today's rapid development of the company, it has become an avant-garde, in a spacious and bright modern factory, clean and tidy canteen. Everyone is holding a lot of income and various bonuses. Here, we are sincerely grateful to our chairman, Xu Shusong. It is you, set up this platform for us, and pointed out the direction of our progress, let us find our own belonging.
Drinking water does not forget to hit the well, gratitude, an eternal topic, gratitude, thanks to the bits and pieces of life, thank everyone in life. I am grateful to the workers for their hard work, thank the production management staff for their serious and responsible work, and thank the salesmen for going south and north. They are not afraid of the wind and rain, trying their best to sell them. Thanks to the chairman for his generosity and selfless dedication, regardless of personal gains and losses, I understand: I have encountered A wise leader is an honor for my life. Therefore, every employee must carry a grateful heart in his position, unite and forge ahead, strengthen their convictions, work hard, let us work together to build avant-garde into a domestic first-class, internationally competitive plastic pipe manufacturer. And work hard.
Today, the chairman of the board officially announced that Xu Bingkui is the general manager of the company and fully presided over the company's work. The audience was inspiring because Xu was knowledgeable and led an invincible team. We were invincible and invincible, just like the Lion King. With a lion group, full of passion and vitality, the avant-garde people are single-minded and united in the side of the chairman and general manager Xu, and work together to write avant-garde songs with youthful sweat and passion.
    Looking back on the past 20 years, the pace of the avant-garde has always been firm, the goal is clear, and the vision of the avant-garde development blueprint, our mission is on the shoulders and in the chest. As an avant-garde old employee, I am willing to lead by example, obey the leadership, carry forward the fine traditions of the avant-garde, and think about it in one place, to go to the same place, strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations, and concentrate on the development of the company, always do one. Screws, on the avant-garde aircraft carrier, silently dedicated to the most extensive voyage.
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