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   With the global warming, the marine pollution, garbage solution has been the major topic of the world, more and more people care about impact of plastic products on the environment and the human health. 
   Qianwei Group established in 1996, focuses on research and development of more environmental friendly hoses. 
   We have passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental system, 18001 occupational health system certification. 
   After decades of development, we have five series of products. According to different uses and conveying media, the products are further subdivided into more than 400 varieties and more than 2,000 sizes.
   We are proud to have built the cooperation relationship with more than 70 countries and regions around the world.
   We are focusing on reducing the frequency of replacements, the use costs, and the environmental impact of plastic products. In our own laboratory tests, the service life of the new Qianwei hose was extended by 243% over the previous generation. 
   All  products are generally used in industrial, agricultural, irrigation system, garden, mining, medical equipment and other industries.
   Qianwei continuously develops and updates the  products acording to the different requirements of various countriesaround the world, for example: US FDA , EU REACH,  EU ROHS,  PAHS,  EU Food Grade, GB Food Grade,  Japanese Food Grade and so on, and we cooperate with SGS,BV,NSF and other international authoritative organizations test to ensure the stability of product quality to avoid the product from affecting the human body.